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Monday, 31 December 2018

Analyst are getting elated if not excited about the IPA's push toward encouraging research  in psychoanalysis.

Dr. Lear, who has a good position to examine  psychoanalysts' conception of research, gave some valuable comments that he and his team require to support research in Chicago University. I believe most analysts should think of those comments to balance out their excited enthusiasm  about research.

Dr. Jonathan Lear's remarks about research in psychoanalysis are important in putting us in a true perspective of what research is and in psychoanalysis in particular.

To start,: there are three questions that we should begin with answering: Why do we need research in psychoanalysis? What do we need to research in psychoanalysis? Who will be doing the research?

The first question: Psychoanalysis reached its peak in the seventies of last century without any thoughts regarding research, because what it offered (discovering the intrapsychic core of the subject) was remarkably evident and palpable to everyone. It was not an issue of whether it existed or not. Discovering the intrapsychic stimulated other human sciences to conduct researches in their own  fields of interest. child and social psychology are examples. We should keep in mind that those were investigations and not research. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do research in the humanities more so in psychoanalysis.

The second question: Most of what has been expressed till  now was about proving the effectiveness of psychoanalysis (as therapy). This issue (is psychoanalysis effective or more effective than other therapies) requires research of the "experimental type" to come up with answers of yes or no.  The experimental type of research is based on comparing two axact  samples of the research material, change only one aspect in one of the two samples to find out if that experimental change gives an answer of yes or no.  We cannot select two axat groups of patients (age, education, intelligence, etc., and degree of neuroses) plus two similar  groups of psychoanalysts (especially that we do not have one psychoanalysis or system of training) to conduct a scientific research.

The third question is of  who will do the research. It does not need too much fidgeting about that. Nothing in our training qualifies us to do research or investigations. The reasons are boring to mention and would be of no interest to people who think that they know the results of the  research and the investigation beforehand.

 Dr. Lear's description of some of the misunderstandings of the ethics of research are waking up calls to the analysts who think that research in psychoanalysis will solve the problem of its loss of its credibility. The loss of the credibility of psychoanalysis is not going to be managed by some ill guided or unrealistic research conceptions. It will be regained when we produce credible psychoanalysis, as was he case fifty years ago.   

Thursday, 20 December 2018

The Trump's sense of omnipotence.

I am writing a long post on the issue of diagnosis to be posted in few days, if in those days it is still  of value. However, the responses I received suggest that my purpose of getting involved in the issue of diagnosis was missed. Arnie Richards is the one who got the gist of it and reminded us twice about it: We are trying to help the senators to know what they are blindly.supporting.

Yet the resignation of the secretary of defense few hours ago obliges me to open the subject of the danger of withdrawing the American troops from Syria one more time.

The withdrawal will create a vacuum that has to be filled immediately or it will be occupied by Iran or Turkey. Israel will find itself dragged into the conflict forcibly. Knowing some things about the middle east Arab would accept  Iran or Turkey over Israel including the anti iran and Turkey. There will a possibility of a limited war but war all the same. More dead, maimed, children in misery on all sides of battlefield.   

My layman understanding of the Trump personality ( not a diagnosis) is a spoiled teenage brat with law IQ. He responds to fear with stupid bravado.  Lately the noose is getting tighter around his neck regarding his future. He is ( as he says) not a coward, rat, or scared. He will show He is reckless and self destructive (6 Bankruptcies) and now he is going into one of those situations. As a slightly retarded adolescent he thinks this bankruptcy will be like the previous ones; and he will be bailed out by someone.
It might happen by the stupidity of the senates but it could also take the party down with him.    

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

I am posting this post without the hesitation I always feel any time I make a comment on the US political scene. The reason is that it is scary, very scary to see the world so vulnerable because of Trump's presidency.

It seems that Trump took the decision to withdraw the US from Syria on his own and without consulting with any advisory body in his government. He did not do that before and this step he took with Syria's affair is ominus.
Making a diagnosis of Trump is REALLY of no value except for us who are making the diagnoses.  We should also remember that we - analysts-do not have a measure of normality to give our diagnoses any significance, even to psychiatrists.
However, as mental health providers we could and should express our views regarding Trump's mental and cognitive competence to preside over the administrative   branch in a country like the US. This is not building a wall or raising the price aluminum siding of homes. In the most limited version of the result of his decision there is a possibility of few tens of thousand killed and a similar number of refugees with no where to go this time.
Impeachment will not happen ( I am sure), disqualifying him mentally on cognitive and psychiatric measures is the way to encourage the wobbly senators to call for dismissing him as they did with Nixon before. It is unfair and immoral to allow a mentally deranged man cause so much misery away from his home to please his base at home

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Quote for Anyday

Sometimes, in some countries, politics is white collar prostitution. 

Thursday, 6 December 2018

A diagnostic test for Trump

Yesterday, we in North America and to most of Europe watched  how the passing of a respectable president of USA was honoured. Whatever could be said about him his nation expressed appreciation, respect and love. The presidents and the dignitaries of the world showed their deference of the man.

Trump was present in the ceremonies. His participation was supposed the be of one of  very few- beside his family- who could give the funeral the status of a high event. He was pitifully neglected, distained, and sat there unwelcome guest.  The eulogies were almost direct critique of his style of presidency.

How he is going to react to yesterday's rejection of Americans and the Europeans is a test to his sick mind:

If narcissist he will be neraged (more than the usual).
If neurotic (hysterical disorder) he will be dangerously suicidal.
If psychopath he will make open gestures of defiance.
If no change or back to his daily silliness then the man is psychology dead. That could only happen when external or the reality of the others does not succeed in penetrating a neurological barrier between his mind and reality.