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Thursday, 20 December 2018

The Trump's sense of omnipotence.

I am writing a long post on the issue of diagnosis to be posted in few days, if in those days it is still  of value. However, the responses I received suggest that my purpose of getting involved in the issue of diagnosis was missed. Arnie Richards is the one who got the gist of it and reminded us twice about it: We are trying to help the senators to know what they are blindly.supporting.

Yet the resignation of the secretary of defense few hours ago obliges me to open the subject of the danger of withdrawing the American troops from Syria one more time.

The withdrawal will create a vacuum that has to be filled immediately or it will be occupied by Iran or Turkey. Israel will find itself dragged into the conflict forcibly. Knowing some things about the middle east Arab would accept  Iran or Turkey over Israel including the anti iran and Turkey. There will a possibility of a limited war but war all the same. More dead, maimed, children in misery on all sides of battlefield.   

My layman understanding of the Trump personality ( not a diagnosis) is a spoiled teenage brat with law IQ. He responds to fear with stupid bravado.  Lately the noose is getting tighter around his neck regarding his future. He is ( as he says) not a coward, rat, or scared. He will show He is reckless and self destructive (6 Bankruptcies) and now he is going into one of those situations. As a slightly retarded adolescent he thinks this bankruptcy will be like the previous ones; and he will be bailed out by someone.
It might happen by the stupidity of the senates but it could also take the party down with him.    

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