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Thursday, 6 December 2018

A diagnostic test for Trump

Yesterday, we in North America and to most of Europe watched  how the passing of a respectable president of USA was honoured. Whatever could be said about him his nation expressed appreciation, respect and love. The presidents and the dignitaries of the world showed their deference of the man.

Trump was present in the ceremonies. His participation was supposed the be of one of  very few- beside his family- who could give the funeral the status of a high event. He was pitifully neglected, distained, and sat there unwelcome guest.  The eulogies were almost direct critique of his style of presidency.

How he is going to react to yesterday's rejection of Americans and the Europeans is a test to his sick mind:

If narcissist he will be neraged (more than the usual).
If neurotic (hysterical disorder) he will be dangerously suicidal.
If psychopath he will make open gestures of defiance.
If no change or back to his daily silliness then the man is psychology dead. That could only happen when external or the reality of the others does not succeed in penetrating a neurological barrier between his mind and reality.

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