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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

I am posting this post without the hesitation I always feel any time I make a comment on the US political scene. The reason is that it is scary, very scary to see the world so vulnerable because of Trump's presidency.

It seems that Trump took the decision to withdraw the US from Syria on his own and without consulting with any advisory body in his government. He did not do that before and this step he took with Syria's affair is ominus.
Making a diagnosis of Trump is REALLY of no value except for us who are making the diagnoses.  We should also remember that we - analysts-do not have a measure of normality to give our diagnoses any significance, even to psychiatrists.
However, as mental health providers we could and should express our views regarding Trump's mental and cognitive competence to preside over the administrative   branch in a country like the US. This is not building a wall or raising the price aluminum siding of homes. In the most limited version of the result of his decision there is a possibility of few tens of thousand killed and a similar number of refugees with no where to go this time.
Impeachment will not happen ( I am sure), disqualifying him mentally on cognitive and psychiatric measures is the way to encourage the wobbly senators to call for dismissing him as they did with Nixon before. It is unfair and immoral to allow a mentally deranged man cause so much misery away from his home to please his base at home

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